Managing Stress and Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used throughout the ages, even dating back to the ancient Egyptians who collected dew to help with emotional imbalances. Under the Homoeotherapy umbrella, their subtle energy patterns are used to encourage emotional, spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Today, there are many difference flower essences to choose from. However, having worked with Australian Bush Flower Essences for many years, our Practitioners  acknowledge that clients resonate carefully and successfully with Ian White’s practical range.

According to Ian, a fifth-generation Herbalist and Naturopath, Australian plants possess an inherent strength. Metaphysically, the counrty is regarded for its wise, old energy. Ian harnesses these properties as well as the combined power of the land to provide this range of essences which helps empower those who use them. They can help clear energetic blocks which block an individual from connecting with their true selves – that intuitive space which recognises life purpose. Ian’s flower essences can help provide clarity, courage and enthusiasm. They are often used by people who are looking to stregthen their self-esteem, spiritual connections or for those seeking to unlock creativity or fun in their lives. Ian describes the effects of the flower essences as “similar to that of meditation” in that they help the person access the wisdom of their Higher Self. In his book, ‘Australian Bush Flower Remedies’, Ian talks about how Healing is promoted through the release of negative, unhelpful or false beliefs. In turn, the body is flooded with positive virtues such as love, joy, faith – feelings which are fundamental with the Higher Self.

During this current climate, Ian has compiled some helpful suggestions such as Calm & Clear Essence or Cognis Essence. Read more from Ian on how people can  manage stress or overwhelming feelings here.

Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain. However, not all types of stress are harmful or even negative. Good stress, or what psychologists refer to as eustress, is the type of stress we feel when we are excited. Our pulse quickens and our hormones surge, but there is no fear or threat.

A perceived threat or danger can trigger a stress response in the body, known as the fight-or-flight response. During this reaction, certain hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released. This speeds the heart rate, slows digestion, shunts blood flow to major muscle groups, and changes various other Autonomic Nervous functions, giving the body a burst of energy and strength. The fight-or-flight response was originally named for its ability to enable us to physically fight or run away when faced with danger; however, it is now often activated in situations where neither response is appropriate – like in traffic or during a stressful day at work.

When the perceived threat is gone, systems are designed to return to normal function via the relaxation response, where the Autonomic Nervous System functioning returns to normal. But in cases of chronic stress, the relaxation response doesn’t occur often enough and being in a near-constant state of flight-or-fight can imbalance and weaken the physical body. Stress also takes an emotional toll. Some stressors may produce feelings of mild anxiety or frustration, while prolonged stress can lead to burnout, anxiety disorders and depression.

Homoeotherapy and Natural Healthcare Practitioners can provide resourceful  and efficient ways of managing detrimental affects of stress, but especially if chronic stress is taking its toll on your physical and emotional wellness. There are plenty of local Natural Healthcare Practitioners available for consultations and who can advise a Personalised Health Plan in line with your own individual and specific needs.