Discourse continues after Monsanto Ruling

In recent days, a US jury have found Monsanto, producer of Roundup – a herbicide containing glyphosate – liable in the case  of a man who claims his lymphoma was caused by their weedkiller.

Whilst some research has suggested glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic”, as reported by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2015, debate still reigns.

Nevertheless, it is important to weigh up all potential health risks when looking at the well-being of a person. The backbone of Homoeotherapy looks at individualised exposure to toxicity or environmental concerns and how well-equipped organs of elimination are to process natural levels of pathogens or pollution. Similarly, how strong are the body’s resources or cellular integrity. The proverb ‘it takes a village’ seems apt in the balance of argument.

CAM Practitioners have already been using Homoeotherapy to assist the body in addressing exposure to chemicals or detrimental substances and will continue to examine ill health as a complete picture, not just singular infractions outside of the context of the whole person.