Complementary Therapies & Oncology Research by UCC

The Cork Area Hospital Group, supported by funding from the Irish Cancer Society, have launched a Research Project to access the level of demand and clinical outcomes from the use of CAM Therapies in Oncology Services. The Research is being conducted by UCC (University College Cork)
Participation is open until the end of March and submissions are invited from the following groups who would have used all modalities of complementary therapies alongside standard treatment protocols:

• People who currently have or have had cancer.
• Survivors of cancer.
• Family members who care for cancer patients.
• Oncologists, doctors, cancer specialists and other professionals who provide services to people who are undergoing cancer treatment. (This
includes CAM Therapists who provide services to cancer patients.)

Please register online – click here

The survey will be emailed out within 2 days of registering. You could also request a telephone survey. It will take about 50 minutes. There will be a space near the end where you can add your own comments and suggestions. All data provided will be kept confidential.
We recommend all CAM Therapy users participate in this project, regardless of the services used, be that yoga, massage, nutritional therapy, kinesiology, reiki or whatever has proved valuable.
We will have staff available to provide explanations where necessary or to assist people when completing the survey.
Participation from all CAM users within this community is necessary if we are to help create better support for Irish cancer patients and have improved outcomes acknowledged by public policy makers.
Thank you for your time.