Natural Medicine; Colloidal Silver

The values of traditional healing and natural medicines have been passed successfully down through the ages. Silver is one such gem, having been used as nature’s antibiotic long before the age of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Silver and its therapeutic use was noted throughout history from the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hahnemann himself, founder of modern-day homeopathy, furthered the role of silver within well-being and during the 1800s, science supported its value. In 1893, Swiss botanist Karl Wilhelm von Nageli characterized the properties of silver as oligodynamic, meaning active in very small compounds. Even in minute concentrations, colloidal silver was reported to have remarkable germicidal properties. Colloids are capable of passing through membranes, and by producing antimicrobial effects, the use of colloidal silver has expanded throughout integrated medicine.

Colloidal silver is now available as a spray. Absorption begins in the mouth and the synergy of pure ingredients can help offer anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It also serves as great purifier for coughs and colds.