Cognitive Health – GABA

A study published in the Journal NeuroImage outlines the correlation between occipital GABA and cognitive failure. We are pleased to announce the release of our second food supplement from the new Whole Health range. Rich in blended vitamins and amino acids, this support aims to nourish mental activities such as thinking, learning, memory and judgement. Similar to Whole Health Immune Complex, this easily absorbed liquid nutrition helps strengthen and reinforce resources. Amino acids are commonly called the body’s building blocks, essential for growth, repair, healthy metabolism, hormones and production of neurotransmitters. Vitamin D3 supports immune responses and can regulate moods. Vitamin C known for its antioxidant effects, helps clean up a toxic environment. B vitamins are essential to help balance neurotransmitters and for optimum brain function. Such nutrients are particularly valuable during times of stress or illness. Blended together with GABA and Magnesium Citrate, this new supplement should be tried for its restorative properties as it may help with symptoms of irritability, restlessness, stress and lack of focus.

Ideally, a CAM Provider can evaluate people’s health requirements and create a helpful strategy to achieve wellness goals. The article discusses the role of GABA in cognitive health.

Reference: Kirstian Sandberg, Occipital GABA correlates with cognitive failures in daily life, NeuroImage

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