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ECHAMP supports recent Matrix Insight report on the Availability of Medicinal Products

ECHAMP has welcomed the report as a positive measure in highlighting the issue of availability of homoeopathic medicines.

Study on the Availability of Medicinal Products for Human Use

Read the independent report on the availability of medicinal products and how it affects the end consumer and their choices of healthcare.

European Parliament CAM Interest Group meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance

The European Parliament recently held a meeting to discuss the role of CAM in helping reduce the need for antibiotics. Both the World Health Organisation and the European Commission have identified antimicrobial resistance as a major crisis facing today’s health systems. Read more on the presentations given.

Homoeopathy – ECHAMP outlines need for appropriate regulation.

ECHAMP, the trade association representing the homeopathic industry, has published a new brochure for stakeholders. The brochure, whilst giving some interesting E.U. statistics, outlines the current unsatisfactory nature of the regulatory system for homoeopathy. Describing the system as unsustainable, ECHAMP calls for urgent action to correct this so that homoeopathy can be available to E.U. citizens. For […]

Investing in Health – The European Commission

In a new publication, the European Commission has called on member states to prioritise and modernise their social support programmes for the populations. The document titled “Investment in Health” outlines the commissions views and ambitions which cover such matters as sustainable health systems, investment in human capital and the need to reduce inequalities in the provision of […]

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