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Dairy consumption and Asthma

A recent report shows how the consumption of unprocessed (raw) cow’s milk may be linked to the improvement of asthma and other sensitivity symptoms. The PASTURE study looked at the differences in fatty acid composition between raw milk and industrially processed milk. Read more. It is worth considering whether the herd are classed as A1 […]

Milk – what is science saying.

Milk and dairy products feature prominently in CAM Provider consultations and many people are advised to remove such products from their diet. Scientists are giving increasing levels of attention to cows milk. Martin Murray has made a detailed  review of scientific research published so far which provides interesting reading.  The review is published in Positive […]

Healthy Ageing – foods to prevent cancer.

In a recent ‘Townsend Letter’ article (August/September 2015), Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman, both experienced practitioners specialising in healthy ageing, looked at an anti-ageing approach to cancer through protective foods. This is just one subdivision that can stimulate positive changes for improved ageing. To read the article on the potential health benefits of […]

Turmeric – Useful supplement for cognitive enhancement

Turmeric is widely appreciated in Ayurvedic healthcare systems. Research and studies are continuously showing why it is can be extremely beneficial to health.

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Vitamin D – deficiency linked to Alzheimers and Dementia

A recent study links vitamin D deficiency, also known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, with the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s in later years. Led by Dr. David Llewellyn from the University of Exeter, the team of researchers claim there is a direct link between such cognitive health conditions and low levels of vitamin D. For […]

Turmeric – Curcumin and its link to Colon Health

Researchers at the University of Arizona’s Steele Children’s Research Center conducted a study in which they uncovered that curcumin,which is the bio-active molecule derived from the spice Turmeric, blocks the protein cortactin in colon cancer. Curcumin has been scientifically studied previously and it has shown to have the ability to reverse, suppress and prevent the development of cancer. […]

Heart Problems – Could the humble tomato help prevent CVD

Scientists at the University of Cambridge U.K. conducted research on the effects of oral Lycopene, the active ingredient in a tomato. It was found to have beneficial effects in lowering the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. The results were published in Plos One June 2014.  CVD is a worldwide problem but with a lower incidence in […]

Autism and Vitamin D – University of California

Research at the University of California – Oakland led by Professors Bruce Ames and Rhonda Patrick found that Serotonin and Vitamin D may be key factors in Autism. The researchers found that excess Serotonin produced in the gut may be an inflammatory factor and further that Serotonin which fails to cross the blood-brain barrier thereby […]

Vibracell a multi vitamin

Eat Your Fruit and Veg. – Expert recommends easier affordability

Increasingly now scientists are recognising the value of quality foods. Ivan Barry, Professor of epidemiology and public health at University College Cork (UCC), writing in The Irish Times health supplement emphasises the importance of an adequate supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet could be of immense value to personal and public health, the basic principle […]

Fish Oils – Dr. Muiris Houston

Controversial information concerning fish oils has been published in recent weeks, particularly the potential or possible development of prostate cancer. Dr.Muiris Houston, in a very balanced article in the Irish Times states that the risk of prostate cancer is not supported by the clinical evidence. However he does suggest that over-use of fish oils should […]

Tissue Salts – Elaine Geary

Tissue Salts also referred to as Cell Salts or the Biochemic Remedies have become very popular with natural health practitioners in recent years. Clearly this is recognition that this long standing therapeutic system of German origin has positive health benefits for people. Naturopath Elaine Geary outlines the history and many of the known benefits. Read […]

Functional Foods – Jan Oddvar Johansen

Functional Foods – Yeast-Based Dietary Fibers as an Ingredient for the Functional Food and Beverages Wellmune WGP® a fraction of Beta Glucan 1-3/1-6 is derived from yeast and used in the immune boosting product ImmiFlex. Jan Oddvar Johansen chairman and founder of Immitec who produce ImmiFlex, has over 20 years experience in developing nutritional health products and […]

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