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Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Homeopathy Research International (HRI) is a UK-based charity dedicated to promoting high quality research in homeopathy at an international level. It is committed to the evaluation of homeopathy using rigorous scientific methods and communicating the results of such work beyond usual academic circles. The website ( offers a wealth of useful resources about homeopathy research. […]

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2021

Today, November 18th is European Antibiotic Day. Antibiotic resistance is particularly important in these times of COVID. More bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, making antibiotics increasingly ineffective. Only very few new antibiotics are entering the market. Cautious and appropriate use of antimicrobials is vital. Complementary and Integrative Medicine can play an important role in […]

Further evidence – Vitamin D

New research from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh has evaluated the association between Vitamin D and Covid-19. A subsequent study published in the Journal, Scientific Reports in September, supports the use of dietary Vitamin D to protect against deficiency particularly in the winter months. New Vistas Vitamin D3 2500iu will offer adequate […]

Infant formula trials – not reliable

A study published in the British Medical Journal in October 2021, systematically reviews the conduct and reporting of formula trials. Trials comparing at least two formula products in children less than three years of age were included but not trials of human breast milk or fortifiers of breast milk. The results show that formula trials […]

Vitamin C and Metabolic Syndrome

Vitamin C – Mental Vitality

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, supports the use of Vitamin C supplementation. Inadequate vitamin C status is related to a low level of mental vitality. Vitamin C supplementation effectively increased work motivation and attentional focus and contributed to better performance on cognitive tasks requiring sustained attention. Ideally a CAM Provider can […]

Australian Bush Flower Workshop – Divine Presence Essence

Ian White Founder, CEO and 5th Generation Australian herbalist is hosting a four-week transformation journey of inner exploration and meditation on each of the four Divine Presence Spiritual Essences – Isis, Solar Logos, Gaia and Rainbow Essence. As a group all participants will take one of the Divine Presence Essences weekly and meditating together will […]

Complementary and Integrative Medicine – Pediatrics

A survey carried out at the Children’s Hospital St. Marien in Germany assessed the demand for integrating complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) into routine pediatric care. 1323 parents parents took part in the survey. 40 % of participants had already been using CIM for their children. Homeopathy was the preferred and most widely used form […]

Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian White – Australian Bush Flower Essences Webinar

Discover the healing qualities of the Australian Bush! Ian White invites you to join him for the Level 1 Online Workshop over 8 weeks. Discover the healing qualities of the Australian Bush from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world! For bookings or further information, click here.

Digestive Enzyme Complex

We are proud to present our new Digestive Enzyme Complex. This supplement complements our selection of digestion related remedies. It is a plant-sourced food supplement which enhances gut homeostasis, assimilation of nutrients and ease gut discomfort.

Whole Health Cognitive Complex

We are delighted to announce the return of Whole Health Cognitive Complex in powder form. This carefully tested blend of vitamins and amino acids can be mixed with juice or water to nourish the brain and limbic sytem.

Germany’s – Agrifood Sector

The Irish Times recently reported on a move by German farmers, food retailers and environmental groups to tackle ‘ruinous’ economic and environmental practices in Agrifood. The ‘Future of Agriculture’ Government Commssion, presented a 170 page report to Angela Merkel, which may potentially help the survival of small farmers, improve animal welfare and boost sustainability. To […]

Curcumin – Optimal Health

A recent study published in the Journal Frontiers in Pharmacology outlines the benefits of the active compound in turmeric, curcumin on our health status. The study supports the application of curcumin on health promotion and disease prevention. There is particular emphasis on its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. Turmeric Juice is a popular holistic supplement […]

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