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Optimizing Glutathione Status

A review article published in the Journal, Nutrients, discusses multi-component dietary interventions specifically designed to enhance glutathione status. The study outlines an exciting opportunity for clinical medicine and future research. Glutathione plays a crucial role in physiological processes leading to reduced oxidative stress, enhanced metabolic detoxification and a better performing immune system. Optimizing the levels […]

P.R.A.N.A. I

Polarity Reflex Analysis & Nutritional Assessment Kinesiology PRANA is a multi-dimensional energy assessment program. It uses the energy field to trace the root cause of body/mind imbalances, empowering the client to receive the best possible wellness outcomes. It is one of the most efficient tools an experienced Kinesiologist can add to their tool-kit. Given the […]

Olive Leaf Extract from New Vistas

Olive Leaf Extract – Upper Respiratory Illness

A study as published in the Journal, Nutrients, supports the use of dietary and olive leaf extract supplementation among athletes. The study identified that supplementation may help in shortening the duration of upper respiratory illness. New Vistas Olive Leaf Extract is a popular holistic supplement containing 400mg of standardised olive leaf. Ideally a CAM Provider […]

Vegan Omega-3 : An Alternative to Fish Oil

A study published in the Journal ‘Scientific African’ identifies microalgae as the best natural source of omega-3 DHA over fish oil. Mental health illness associated with poor nutrition is a serious public concern worldwide. The most at risk individuals are children and adolescent. Deficiencies in omega-3 DHA fatty acids have long been recognized as a […]

Hay Fever – Immune Responses

Hay fever is a common seasonal complaint. Some lowered immune systems react to grass, tree and hay pollen. During Spring & Summer, pollen counts are naturally higher and can cause an increase in symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes. Face pains, sweating and headaches are also common complaints. Integrated medicine can help […]

Happy Birthday – Whole Health

One year on from the introduction of our new Whole Health range, we are pleased with the clinical response towards Whole Health Immune Complex and what it has provided customers. WH Immune Complex has been successfully used by CAM Providers and their clients as pick-me-up for energy, stamina, improved hair, skin and nail quality and […]

Zephorium Chakra Tonics

These beautiful Chakra Tonics have been used by Practitioners and Customers for many years. For those familiar with them, you know even just by looking at them, they can start something positive. These aura sprays help connect with our chakras – areas of energy which can promote strength, reassurance and empowerment. We encourage you to […]

Vitamin D – Muscle Strength

A recent study as published in ‘Clinical Interventions in Aging’ outlines the importance of Vitamin D status in preserving muscle function in the aging population. The study assessed the correlation between serum levels and muscle strength and performance among a cohort of older adults in community-dwelling. Vitamin D is found in foods like eggs, liver […]

Family held carefully within cupped hands

Homeopathy Awareness Week 2020

It is ever so appropriate that World Health Day and Homeopathy Awareness Week fall within days of each other. Earliest reports suggest the Ancient Greeks noted the benefits of the Law of Similar – treating like with like. Today we remember Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday. He is considered the modern Father of Homeopathy and this […]

'Clean Hands' from Dublin Herbalists

Hand Sanitiser by Dublin Herbalists

‘Clean Hands’ is a light and easily-absorbed hand sanitiser spray which leaves hands feeling fresh, soft and protected. It contains 65% Isopropyl Alcohol to keep your hands clean, Gylcerin to protect and moisturise, Lemon essential oil to refresh and uplift and Tea Tree oil to help ward off germs. During times of national camaraderie, we […]

Australian Bush Flower Essences Test Kit - two boxes

Managing Stress and Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used throughout the ages, even dating back to the ancient Egyptians who collected dew to help with emotional imbalances. Under the Homoeotherapy umbrella, their subtle energy patterns are used to encourage emotional, spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Today, there are many difference flower essences to choose from. However, having worked with […]

Immunity & Zinc; Important Nutrition Research

Zinc is an important nutrient when it comes to immunity. A review published by the Molecular Diversity Preservation International shows how zinc plays a central role in the immune system and how zinc-deficient individuals experience increased susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. The researchers from the Aachen University Hospital in Germany describe the links between […]

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