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Vibracell a multi vitamin

Toxicity – Pesticides in fruit & veg reduce sperm count

A recent report by scientists at Harvard University and TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, published in the Journal of Human Reproduction, shows that pesticide residues in food and vegetables affect health in that they reduce sperm count, resulting in higher levels of infertility. This is further information which adds to the already-known adverse […]

Homoeopathy – Most popular CAM therapy in pediatric oncology

Research, as published in Hindawi Publishing Corporation’s ‘Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’, showed that homoeopathy is the most frequently used CAM therapy in the treatment of childhood cancers in Germany.

Aluminium Toxicity

Modern living is filled with contaminants. Exposure to harmful metals, toxins or other noxious substances can blight good health by accumulating in the body. Natural detoxification helps the removal of toxic substances without aggravating the body or depleting it of vital nutrients. It is important to support the elimination pathways as well as replace vitamins & minerals when riding the body of impurities.

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Vitamin D – deficiency linked to Alzheimers and Dementia

A recent study links vitamin D deficiency, also known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, with the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s in later years. Led by Dr. David Llewellyn from the University of Exeter, the team of researchers claim there is a direct link between such cognitive health conditions and low levels of vitamin D. For […]

Turmeric – Curcumin and its link to Colon Health

Researchers at the University of Arizona’s Steele Children’s Research Center conducted a study in which they uncovered that curcumin,which is the bio-active molecule derived from the spice Turmeric, blocks the protein cortactin in colon cancer. Curcumin has been scientifically studied previously and it has shown to have the ability to reverse, suppress and prevent the development of cancer. […]

Heart Problems – Could the humble tomato help prevent CVD

Scientists at the University of Cambridge U.K. conducted research on the effects of oral Lycopene, the active ingredient in a tomato. It was found to have beneficial effects in lowering the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. The results were published in Plos One June 2014.  CVD is a worldwide problem but with a lower incidence in […]

Autism and Vitamin D – University of California

Research at the University of California – Oakland led by Professors Bruce Ames and Rhonda Patrick found that Serotonin and Vitamin D may be key factors in Autism. The researchers found that excess Serotonin produced in the gut may be an inflammatory factor and further that Serotonin which fails to cross the blood-brain barrier thereby […]

Autism – CEASE Therapy combines homoeopathy and nutrition

CEASE Therapy was developed by Dr. Tinus Smits for the treatment and relief of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Barbara Tibballs – homoeopath and CEASE Therapist outlines how homoeopathic detoxification and targeted nutrition works very effectively in providing relief for this condition. Read more.

The Homeopathic Perspective In Cancer Treatment

Learn how  an experienced practitioner applies homoeopathy  in the treatment of cancer patients. Dr Mukesh Batra is an experienced physician, homeopath, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. His clinics in India treat thousands of cancer patients per year. This article was first published in Homeopathy International Summer, 2013 edition. Read more.

Homeoepathy and Cancer – University of Texas

Dr. Ralph Moss PhD writing in Townsend Letter reported on a landmark study where researchers in  the University of Texas reported positive outcomes for the treatment of cancer using homoeopathy. In particular the researchers used two individual herbs in high dilution homoeopathic potency which proved beneficial for the treatment of breast and prostate cancers. Read More.

Food Allergy Storm – Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt

Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt writing in Townsend Letter warns of the increasing prevalence of allergies arising from the consumption of inappropriate foods coupled with addition of many compounds to food such as: colorants, preservatives, taste enhancers, which are toxic when consumed in excess. Dr. Kohlstadt suggests that these are harmful to the body, depress the immune […]

Cancer – Eileen Gleeson’s Personal Account

Eileen Gleeson an experienced general nurse tells her story of her personal battle with cancer and how she integrated conventional treatment with CAM Therapies. From both her personal and professional experience Eileen advocates the use of a variety of CAM Therapies to support conventional treatments. Read more: Cancer – When there is a hurry, slow down. 

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