Carers Essence

We are pleased to have received Ian White’s latest flower essence offering, and just in time for the space we have all found ourselves in. When discussing the new Carers Essence, Ian has talked about how he would associate it with a mother of a young child or children; health workers or someone looking after their elderly or sick family members. However, in this current climate, there are also many parents who would normally be at work and are now having to stay home and look after their children. Many healthcare workers are finding themselves under increasing workloads with many overly concerned about their own safety as they help others.

During these times of emotional overwhelm and life changing circumstances, this essence supports the caregiver to feel their inner strength and resilience when they are feeling worn out and burdened by the responsibility of looking after another.The Carers Essence helps one to feel calm, optimistic, able to cope and also pay heed to and look after one’s own needs.