Training & Education

Naturopathy & Homeopathic Course Training in Ireland by New Vistas CAM Provider training is essential if a new approach to health is to be achieved. Education is and will continue to be a key factor within our dynamics. Case management is integral when helping resolve dysfunction. In this respect, we provide various seminars and training. This helps our practitioners keep abreast of work principles and remain focused.

CPD for CAM Training

We collaborate with teaching colleges and regarded tutors who provide training and education for practitioners. This helps support, complement and deepen existing knowledge. All naturopathic and similar training days offer recognised CPD hours.

  • All practitioners who suggest or recommend our products must provide evidence of their qualification. Professional body membership also required.
  • We provide regular training seminars where practitioners can update their knowledge and share experience with other professionals.
  • For teaching purposes, we engage the services of a number of independent doctors and practitioners who share many years’ experience of clinical practice. This includes courses in homoeotherapy, classical homoeopathy, herbal medicine, naturopathy, toxicology, vitamin, mineral and nutritional therapy, kinesiology and bio-resonance.
  • We provide a continuous telephone backup service for practitioners and/or for their clients if required.

We also support like-minded bodies and organisations within the CAM community. Where possible, we offer platforms for earnest and committed teachers who wish to strengthening the CAM community.


Upcoming Events