Boost your Winter Immunity

Whole Health Immune Complex is a reliable way to help enhance and strengthen your immune system’s natural responses. Taken daily, this colloidal mineral food supplement is easily absorbed providing important cellular nutrition that provides energy, stamina and strengthened defences against seasonal pathogens. A primed immune system also stands stronger against environmental toxins and other offending agents which can leave people feeling jaded and uninterested. Digestive ailments, blood disorders, recurrent infections and chronic inflammation are markers of impaired immunity. If left unaddressed, such symptoms can become harder to clear or take longer to return the body to its state of balance.

Stress is another factor which lowers the body’s vitality and reduces optimal functioning of the immune system. Whole Health Immune Complex also provides Vitamin D and a pharmaceutical-grade Beta-Glucan, supporting anti-inflammation properties and nourishing natural immunity. The formulation has been tested in clinic settings, with both preventative and therapeutic objectives key to its emergence.

Shield your family this Winter and notice the benefits of colloidal nutrition.