Boost Essence

Ian created the Boost combination remedy specifically for the current health crisis and the challenging and uncertain times we are now all going through. It was formulated to support and boost while the blend also helps bring about a sense of safety and assurance.
At the same time, there is also a great need and benefit in being able to stay grounded and connected to the Earth and Nature. Boost Essence also contains Fringed Violet to help provide psychic protection against the pervasive energy of panic and fear. This is especially appropriate for all the people who are very sensitive to other people and energies. Boost has a very calming and balancing effect and can help in the midst of change.
Ian has also noted that in Traditional Chinese medicine, grief and sadness are the emotions observed with having an impact on the subtle energies around the lungs. One of the deepest acting of all the Bush essences is Sturt Desert Pea, which works so powerfully on these two emotions. He has never added this single essence to any of their other Combinations but on this occasion, he felt it was appropriate.
This essences may also feel appropriate for all the health store workers, pharmacists, retailers and front-line workers who have continued to provide essential care for the many communities over the last three months. We hope it will be of valuable service to you all.