Blood sugar levels – Noni Juice

A recent study published in the Journal, ‘Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’ supports the consumption of Noni fruit juice to regulate elevated blood sugar levels in patients with Type II Diabetes. The number of patients diagnosed with Type II diabetes is on the increase worldwide. The primary goal of Type II Diabetes management is to reduce the fasting blood sugar level. This is best achieved under the guidance of a CAM Practitioner, where a person’s individual needs can be monitored.

The fruit of the tropical plant Morinda citrifolia L. (Noni) has been used as a food and medicine by indigenous people of South East Asia and Polynesia for hundreds of years for multiple reasons among which is the treatment of diabetes. In the last 20 years Noni juice has become popular worldwide as a wellness drink. Ideally a CAM Provider can evaluate a person’s health requirements and devise a suitable plan to achieve optimal health goals. The article discusses the benefits of Noni juice as a suitable additive to the diet of diabetic patients.

Reference: Petra Algenstaedt, 1 Alexandra Stumpenhagen, 1 and Johannes Westendorf, The Effect of Morinda citrifolia L. Fruit Juice on the Blood Sugar Level and Other Serum Parameters in Patients with Diabetes Type 2, Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2018

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