Beta Glucan – Immune Defence

A study published in the journal Applied Physiology Laboratory, discusses the use of Baker’s Yeast beta glucan supplementation to support the immune system and decrease cold and flu symptoms after intense exercise. In order to meet individual health requirements and achieve optimal health it is always best to consult your CAM Practitioner.

Strenuous exercise such as running a marathon is known to suppress mucosal immunity for up to 24 hours which can increase the risk of developing an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). The study outlined in this article demonstrates that beta glucan may reduce URTI symptomatic days and improve mucosal immunity post exercise.

Reference: Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan Supplementation Increases Salivary IgA and Decreases Cold/Flu Symptomatic Days After Intense Exercise
Brian K. McFarlin1, Katie C. Carpenter2, Tiffany Davidson3,& Meredith A. McFarlin1

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