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Homoeotherapy not only helps transform our future, it is also a wonderful balancer, especially during urgent or sensitive periods. It can be used to settle nerves, adjust to change and energise as well as promote better health through nutrition and a stronger resource of vitality. For first-day jitters, Emergency Essence offers comfort, reassurance and courage. Also a good one for parents and teachers who may experience panic or distress during the transitioning. Serdop Liq, fondly referred to as ’Teacher’s Pet’, helps balance neurotransmitters, helping mood, motivation and social anxiety. Norsan Total Fish Oil is a key component in healthy cognition functioning. Memory Liq can be a useful aid for those preparing for exam years. Sleep Ease can help encourage normal sleeping patterns, ensuring the body and organs are sufficiently rested during the night. Improper sleep is a common cause of general health issues and everyone needs the time at night to reset and prime themselves for optimal functioning. Vibracell is always a reliable supplement, providing all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements a body needs to maintain physical and mental conditioning. Used daily, this cold-pressed fruit & vegetable concentrate can combat fatigue or weariness. A three-month course is recommended during Spring and Autumn too, to support cell renewal, vitality and flexibility. Children love the taste and it’s a clever way of encouraging more water consumption too. For those with a jam-packed after-school schedule, Dynamis Essence encourages enthusiasm, drive and stamina whilst harmonising one’s vital force. Pencils, books and remedies at theready; you are armed for success.