Back to School

After an extended and surprise hiatus earlier this year, there may never have been a September so yearned for. As parents and pupils prepare to step back into what will feel like new territory for a while, during the transitioning period, please consider the many gentle tools on hand to help steady the ship and guide us through unchartered waters.
Serdop Liquescence has always been a ‘back to school’ favourite, especially when there are mixed feelings about getting up early and establishing new routines again. In some counties, it is affectionately known as Teacher’s Pet, helping ease anxious students and gently encourage bonding and stability within new environments. It has also been used to help boost memory and encourage better sleep.
For those concerned about spreading germs, Colloidal Silver is a trusted food supplement for use both internally and externally. It has been traditionally used to help prime the immune system and can offer anti-pathogenic properties. A few drops rubbed on your hands help keep nasty bugs at bay. It can also be used to make your own sanitisers with some aloe ferox gel and essential oils. It comes in a handy 60ml bottle with pipette dropper.
Whole Health Cognitive Complex is another food supplement, which boasts vitamins D & C – particularly prominent at this moment, as well as other essential nutrients for empowered cognitive function. This includes support for focus and thinking. One therapist had this to share;
“The results are amazing, from better concentration, more grounded, feeling happier and more relaxed to better energy and as one client said I don’t have a short fuse anymore, and these are some of the results we can see and measure, but it also is a great antioxidant and immune booster as well, so this will be on my shelf for a long time to come.”
Another mentioned;
“I have used Whole Health Cognitive Complex with a shielding client alongside the Immunity Complex to encompass her anxiety and aid her acceptance whilst preparing her for the end of lockdown and the emotional shift as she leaves her safe house. Her communication today against a few weeks ago tells me its worked its magic.”
Thanks to all who have shared their experiences to date. We hope Homoeotherapy will continue to serve and support you and your family through all the milestones, events and adventures which lay ahead.