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New Vistas is an Irish-based producer of homeopathic medicinal remedies. For clients wishing to order our homoeopathic remedies, we kindly ask customers to complete either a Subscriber Registration or a CAM User Registration (for professionals only). Once approved, this will permit access to the site’s shopping area. Our shop is open to all approved users. Registrations will need to be approved before one can fully utilise the online shop.  Previously registered users can purchase homeopathic remedies immediately.


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For all Italian and UK customers, please call or email us directly if you wish to place an order.

No web orders are currently available for Italy or UK. Thank you for your understanding at this time.


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For customers wishing to browse our natural food supplements, please feel free to access our online shop directly. Choose from the popular Whole Health Immune Complex, Fatty Acid Liquescence, Norsan Omega-3 Total Fish Oil, Vibracell, Pure Turmeric Juice and other high-quality nutritional supports.


Welcome to New Vistas Healthcare , our website specifically designed to benefit all types of CAM providers and healthcare professionals and their clients. Our philosophy of health has stood the test of time, and we feel it timely to extend our quality of work and share with homoeopaths, doctors, naturopaths, nutritional therapists, vets and all the other dedicated CAM providers who are interested in integrating natural solutions for optimal health and vitality.


Homeopathy Manufacturer and Supplier - New Vistas HealthcareNew Vistas Healthcare encourages natural health, strength and balance through Homoeotherapy. This combines homeopathic principles with nutrition, organ support and complementary procedures such as kinesiology and bio resonance. Homoeopatherapy integrates other holistic healthcare styles & remedies such as herbs, supplements, flower essences and chakra therapy. As a leading Homeopathic Manufacturer & Supplier, we offer a program of holistic healthcare. It incorporates detoxification to help drain toxins. Organotherapy can help stimulate the body’s own healing power for organ and tissue support.

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Homeopathic Remedies from New Vistas HealthcareNew Vistas manufacture and supply homeopathic products. These products help support cellular detoxification and organ support. Holistic wellness looks at health through the integration of healing systems. Poor health needs to be addressed at its foundation. However, this cannot be achieved simply by alleviating symptoms. Homeopathy looks at the historiacal and individual back-story of each client. Its properties offer guidance. It also provides gentle healing characteristics. Our Homeopathic Product range primarily consists of xenobiotics and liquescences. Also available are therapeutic remedies, sarcodes, tissue salts and allersodes. We also provide creams, botanical supplements, intuitive essences and nutritional support for integrated and complementary practitioners.

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Training and Education

We provide regular and comprehensive training on homeopathic products to our practitioner community. We also communicate current and relevant developments within the homoeotherapy industry.

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News & Events

’45 Years Healing’ – Agnes McGuinness Book!

Traditional Naturopath Agnes McGuinness has served the CAM community for 45 years. In her book she tells her story of how she came to practice and her clinical experiences over the years. The book is filled with helpful tips and Agnes shares some of her favourite natural remedies. Some of her clients also tell their […]

Antibiotic Resistance and Homeopathy – Austrian Government Takes Action

The Austrian Government has released a National Action Plan on the potential of homeopathy and other complementary medicines in tackling antibiotic resistance. This Action Plan highlights the need for policy makers to integrate conventional and complementary medicine to best serve public health. The plan also identifies a number of actions to reduce and optimise the […]

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Our site was created for health professional and students of healthcare. Modern homeopathy helps invigorate and sustain well-being. It can correct and release rooted issues without aggravation. To be part of our community, please sign up to our newsletter and stay informed of important health trends and changes.

CAM Practitioners

New Vistas Healthcare CAM PractitionersA common question which is asked; what is CAM? It stands for Complementary and Alternative Practitioners. The integration of CAM alongside allopthic medicine is a gentle, supportive and strengthening service. It is becoming increasingly popular, especially with higher rates of chronic illnesses. For that reason, we are dedicated to supporting and enhancing healthcare practitioners every step of their journey. During working hours, we provide a telephone support line for CAM Practitioners. We are also committed to helping practitioners on a practical level. Whether you are a fully qualified practitioner using natural therapies or a student participating in a recognised CAM course, you may also be eligible for a trade account. We also supply CAM Practitioner Test Kits. This are useful aids in many integrated CAM clinics.

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