2018; A Year in Review

This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and show gratitude for the 12 months gone by. Thanks to all our lovely customers for their continued support throughout the year and for your engagement and feedback.

The New Vistas Teaching Academy facilitated various training and seminars throughout 2018. Company philosophy and practice encourages on-going employee and CAM Provider training, personal growth and development. Thank you to all who attended our events this year. We hosted 9 Test Kit Testing workshops throughout Ireland and the UK as well as 7 Homotoxicology workshops. Our sincere gratitude is expressed as always to our tutors Elaine Geary, Yvonne McLaughlin, Sally Ann Hutcheson, Patricia Raven, Anja Ottenheim and Dr Heli Goode for their continued dedication and sharing of knowledge to the wider CAM community. Their active participation throughout the Academy is always greatly enjoyed by attendees. We will be circulating our 2019 Training Plan in the New Year.

This year also welcomed the return of Ian White to our shores. In May, Ian guided participants through three ever-evolving Australian Bush Flower Essences workshops in Malahide Castle; Women’s Health, Mental & Emotional Well-Being and Ian’s own Masterclass. Each day was anchored with a strong sense of empowerment and we look forward to future collaborations with ABFE and IIHF.


Martin Murray with Charles Tankard Hahnemann, descendant of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy, at New Horizons, London. July 2018

Agnes McGuinness, renowned Irish Naturopath, also released her first book in the Spring. It documents fresh and new ideas for encouraging good health and vitality. Agnes talks about how she came to be one of Ireland’s most in-demand and respected CAM Practitioners. She discusses the history of integrative therapies and shares some of her favourite home remedies. “Healing: 45 Year Journey” is also available in local health stores and through Amazon.

In July, we participated in the historic New Horizons in Water Science – Evidence for Homeopathy event in London. Lord Ken Ward-Atherton brought together some of the world’s most respected scientists, all in the name of homeopathy and promoting the scientific integration of vibrational medicine and mainstream healthcare.

This year, we introduced Nicotinex and Phosphatex to our Xenobiotic range. Nicotinex helps clear negative taints surrounding the ill-effects of smoking or nicotine toxicity. Phosphatex is used to help lesson agricultural toxicity. With a rise in reports of Multiple Chemical Toxicity (MCT) this year and antibiotic resistance, Xenobiotics become more and more relevant.

May 2019 bring forth great health and blessings to you all. Seasons Greetings.